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10001 East Pinnacle Peak Road, Scottsdale AZ

(480) 538-0122

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  • Tuxedo ★ Poor 1 out of 5

    2014-03-03 17:12:42

    I had the worse experience at one of your restaurants in Plant City Florida this past week-end. The wait wasn't bad however our waiter was very slow serving us and taking our drink order. Then after we had already ordered the special steak and lobster for 4 of us. He served our salads and came back 10 minutes later to inform us they were out of lobster.This was just ridiculous on a day that your running a special. Never once offered us any compensation or to talk to a manager. After we had already eaten then a manager came by just to give us all the excuses why they ran out of lobster. Never offered us a thing. We frequent this location every month were very upset how we were treated. Also when we got the bill they charged us extra for hollandaise sauce that came with lobster and we wanted it to go on the asparagus. We will not be going back to that location. Thank you

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    1. My family and l had a great time last night.The service was outstanding.Samantha M had her game on.Others could learn how to give exceptional service and make more money from her.I had leftovers for breakfast and the memories of last night came flooding back.What awonderful time we had.Our thanks to Samantha.Samantha works for the Outback Steak House 1271 in Prattville Alabama 36066.Lisa Henry and Family.

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      1. insolitus ★ Poor 1 out of 5

        2012-08-03 14:51:36

        To whom it may concern, My name is Asia` Harris and I am writing this statement to you to inform you of what happened on 8/1/2012. I went to the Outback Steakhouse on Eureka RD. in Southgate MI, and I ate some key lime pie. Before and after I ate the key lime pie I asked two of the waitresses if it was any peanuts of any kind in it because I am allergic to all nuts and they informed me that the only thing that was in the key lime pie was key lime and graham crackers. So I proceeded to eat it and shortly after I was done eating the key lime pie, my throat and my tongue began to itch and burn. A little bit after that my lip began to swell and my throat began to slowly close. I went to the store and got some benadryl which did not work. After I took the benadryl I was able to go back to the Restaurant and speak to the manager and she apologized about the incident. She said that her waitresses should have known that the key lime pie does have pecans in it. She also gave me two packs if benadryl. As I stood there and talked to her my symptoms were increasingly getting worse. I was rushed to emergency and they told me that had I got there a minute or two later it's not no telling what would have happened to me. I end up having to get steroids, benadryl, and zantac. This is an outrage considering the fact that I actually asked the staff members what was in the pie. Something should be done about this matter! I almost lost my life! Not being able to properly breathe or swallow is so scary! Please resolve this matter. If you need to contact me my number is 313-728-4725. Thank you kindly in advance! Sincerely, Asia` Harris.

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        1. Simonnet ★ Poor 1 out of 5

          2012-06-16 13:23:00

          We are regulars at your Lake Worth location. Service is always great! I do have a concern. For the last 8 years we have been huge fans. I happen to own a franchise and it upsets me that you have down graded on your wings! Now I know the latest issues with wings and cost but as a brand you are cheating your guest. It's a joke on how your wings have decreased in size. I understand wing prices are through the roof but bottom line is that your quality (size) has gone down while your prices have remained the same! It's sad that you are sacrificing guest expectations just to cover cost! Just so you know, your guest are more aware/educated than what you think! There are other ways to bring money down to the bottom line without cheating the guest. Thank you.

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          1. Carriere ★ Poor 1 out of 5

            2012-03-17 11:24:50

            I have eaten at Outback Steakhouse on several occassions and the service we experienced last night; 3/5/12 was te worst by far and really bad for a diner all together. Our waiter David was slow to attend to our needs and the manager or assist manager waqs not much better. The manage checked on us and I told him that I think I need a shot of Grand Marnier for my drink. He said no problem but never returned until we were leaving saying he was sorry about the drink. when our waiter came over just after the manager left I told him about the shot and said OK. Well, it was over an half an hour and since the bar was close I got up and got the shot myself. David never did mention my drink, never asked if we wanted dessert, it seems he was just glad to be getting rid of us. The manager came by to say he was sorry as we were paying our check. My daughter us to work for Outback so i know how much you put in to giving good service.

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            1. deus ★★ Fair 2 out of 5

              2012-01-10 08:06:18

              I just wanted to say how disapointed I am in the Front of the House Manager at the Bellevue, Nebraska location. He told a young man seeking a job there that "you will never work here, because when you were younger, you sent me a prank call".

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              1. Gamma ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                2011-03-19 19:08:51

                I'm tired of watching Fox news at their restaurants. I guess they only want tea baggers in their stores. Until that changes, I will stay away.

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                1. curator ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                  2010-11-25 04:54:26

                  To whom it may concern,

                  My name is Nicholas and I would like to make you aware of your service at the Outback in Lawton, OK. My wife and I, as well as our two children went to Outback on 24 Nov 2010. We arrived there at 557pm and did not have a waitress take our drink order for about 11 minutes. When the waitress finally acknowledged us she came over and took our drink and appetizer orders. I do not recall her name. She did not write down the order and when she brought the drinks, (10 min later) I received a beer I did not order. The Aussie Cheese fries were incorrectly prepared and we waited another 12 minutes to get them. We had now been there for about 30 minutes. When the fries came the waitress then took our order. Our salads came out about another 15 minutes later. Finally, after an hour, another waitress brought our food out. At this point I had only seen my waitress a total of two times, (in an hour)! My wife's steak was seriously overcooked and her side dish, which was Aussie Cheese fries were again wrong! My children's macaroni and cheese was ice cold! This is probably because our waitress was to "busy" to get our food to us in time and had she wrote down the order, maybe it would have been correct. Outback is my favorite restaurant, however, the last three times we went to the Lawton Outback the service has been HORRIBLE. I told the manager on duty that I wanted to pay for the food. She refused and would not give me a bill. I left $55 on the table for the food anyway. I was out tonight to celebrate my college graduation and all this has done is ruin my evening!!! I will never, and I mean never go to the Lawton Outback again. I will gladly spend my money somewhere else. I am also going to tell my coworkers how awful your establishment is with customer service. I do not want anything in return because of this evening. You need to take a serious look into who you are employing at your establishment if you want people to continue to go there. There are plenty of other places a family can go in Lawton to eat as well as new places soon arriving. I hope it was worth it, I have lived in Lawton for two years now and had eaten at your restaurant at least 30 times...NEVER AGAIN. I would also like to remind you that about a month ago you talked with my wife and I there in regards to our poor service and explained that you were in a transition period and to be patient as well as give you another chance to prove your restaurant was worth going to. I agreed and we tried it again, and again tonight. Your right, the service did change, it got much worse.

                  Thanks for your time,


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                  1. This number is WRONG as is the address-that is someone's house. Also the corporate office is NOT located in AZ it is in Tampa, FL. -An Outbacker in AZ

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                    1. Puck ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                      2008-05-21 11:14:37

                      May 20 2008

                      My husband and I went to Outback on Sat. May 17. I ordered the special, peppered salmon. When I got my salmon it was so salty I could not eat it. I asked if I could get regular salmon. When the bew dish of salmon was placed in front of me I must confess that I would have refused to bring a dish of food, that looked like this salmon, to a paying customer. The salmon was very dry and shriveled up. The person who brought it to me (a manager? Not the regular waiter) came by abd asked if it was ok. I said, "Yes" just wanting to go home and have a bowl of cereal by this time. It was obvious to me that the salmon was taken to the kitchen, the coating was scrapped off and placed under the heat. This explains why it was so dry. I took the salmon home thinking that it was very expensive cat food but knowing I couldn't eat it. My cat sniffed it and walked away.

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